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Josh Hassall

Josh Hassall

Personal Trainer/Owner

My passion for fitness began when I directed myself through a significant physical transformation, losing over fifty pounds of body fat, while adding several pounds of lean muscle. This experience has given me an intimate understanding of the dedication it takes for you to achieve your unique goals. I always knew that I desired a career helping others, so after revamping my own life it simply clicked that I wanted to assist others in making similar changes.

I’ve developed my hybrid training style over six years in the fitness industry, which will have the desired impacts on your health and physique. Whether you want to become leaner and healthier, or feel stronger and energized, I will get you the results you desire. Focusing largely on vigorous resistance and high-intensity intervals, and concluding with some tranquil yoga and stretching, my training will enhance your health tremendously while engaging and delighting you with your sessions.


We believe physical health is largely comprised of three essential pillars: exercise, nutrition, and rest & recovery. These three pillars must all be in balance as they are interdependent. Fitness will have a profound positive impact on the quality of everyone’s lives. You will be rewarded with a multitude of benefits, both physically and mentally, at work and play. Who doesn’t want to experience some combination of feeling better, looking better, and performing better?

Personal training is an investment in one’s self, just like higher education; in fact, we view ourselves as ‘fitness educators.’ The body and mind are inextricably linked. We recognize this, and work to influence the way you think in order to guide the way you act.